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Online (Live) @ Math Academy

Online (Live) @ Math Academy

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Instant Clarity - Math Academy Live Lessons

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At Math Academy, you have the best of both worlds. We offer live online lessons, as well as pre-recorded videos to further boost your understanding

Experience our live lessons online. Learn, ask, clarify, all done instantly, right at your home's comfort.

Prefer attending classes at your own pace? No problem. We also have pre-recorded lessons via Math Academy Webcast. Snippets of our lessons below.

Topical Mastery - Math Academy Webcast

Snippet of JC1 Vectors Lesson

Snippet of Sec 3 Equations and Inequalities Lesson

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Cloud-based Assignments
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Carefully Curated Exam Practice

Instant Clarity - Live Lessons

Interactive, live online lessons at Math Academy. Learn and follow our online lectures, presented to you in real-time, live.

Master the topic with our in-house concise notes, a quality product from years of experience at Math Academy.

Obtain precise understanding, clarify your doubts at an instant.

Math Academy Cloud tests
Math Academy Topical Webcast

Topical Mastery - Math Academy Webcast

Master the foundational concepts. Our crystal clear, well-thought out pre-recorded videos present each concept in a bite-sized manner for easy memory retention. Concise yet detailed, build up your mathematical confidence progressively.

Learn the various applicational nuances. Be exposed to the myriad of problem solving techniques, right after you have mastered the concepts. Syllabus and questions are up-to-date, expect discussion of 2019 exam problems.

Your own pace, at your comfort.

Cloud-Based Assignments

Assignments and tests are uploaded to our online platform. These will be marked digitally and returned to all students.

The focus will be on students' mathematical representation and concepts, ensuring they possess the necessary skillsets to optimize their score in the exams.

Math Academy Cloud tests
Math Academy Whatsapp support

24/7 WhatsApp Support

Help is available round the clock. Students are encouraged to clarify their doubts. Just snap a picture of your question and send it to us. Its that easy.

Replies are often coupled with video explanation of the steps. We go the extra mile, just to ensure that every questions is meaningfully answered.

Carefully Curated Exam Practice

Want to maximise your time and work on only problems that matter? Our team of teachers have worked together to curate a set of questions for each topic. These questions have been chosen, to either portray a specific important concept, or to drill students on a certain exam technique.

A set of detailed, fully-worked out solutions will also be given.

Your time is limited. Spend it wisely.

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Whats Next?

Small Class Size

The average class size at Math Academy is only 6 students.

Math Academy believes in close guidance, to bring out the best in each and every of our student.

Coupled with the quality materials and experienced teachers, we have been able to help thousands of students at our tuition centre

Students who join us for the online classes, will then be able to proceed with the physical classes at Math Academy, once classes at our premises resume.

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